Getting to Know Your NSPN Family: What is your favorite Halloween costume you've worn?

October is upon us and that can bring the tricks, treats, and frights! This month we asked our NSPN Family: What is your favorite Halloween costume you’ve worn?

I teamed up with 2 friends in a tribute to the “United States of Tara” television series.  I was Alice, and they were Buck and “T,” each an alternate identity belonging to Toni Collette’s lead character Tara Gregson.  We were absolutely delighted with ourselves but apparently a little ahead of the curve, as no one we encountered that Halloween night was familiar with the show.  If folks haven’t seen it, I highly recommend doing so. – Shauna Brooks, Performance and Evaluation Specialist

My grandmother watched Richard Simmons all the time and I just loved him so I dressed up as Richard one year. – April Carthorn, NSPN Membership Manager & T/TA


When I was young we had just moved from Louisa, KY to Detroit, MI. That year was pretty rough for me, when I realized that I would have to wear a coat over my Halloween costume as temps were much colder during that time of year there. I was devastated. Thankfully my mom came to my rescue and found a panda mascot costume that was just big enough for me to wear some warm weather gear under and still be warm.  She added a TY Heart to the ear and I was a Panda Beanie Baby. – Josie Elder, Operations Specialist

One time I was a person who was asleep in bed and it was glorious.- Kim Frierson, Training Specialist


Easy—Mama!! (From Mama’s Family) – Susan Harmon, Director of Safe Place National Operations 

I was a penguin in 2018. The older I get, the bolder I get. – Tammy Hopper, Chief Strategic Initiatives Officer, RHYTTAC Director

In high school, three of my friends and I won a costume contest dressed as the Beverly Hillbillies. I was Ellie May - I repurposed a Strawberry Shortcake costume and wore curly pigtails. The grand prize was $20 for all of us to split. I spent my $5 on clearance Halloween candy. – Michelle Hurley, Program Advocate

While I rock a mean dinosaur costume, my favorite costume was Gumby. I was so proud of it. Sadly, it had a short life because I had to use the restroom and ended up having to rip it off of me because the ties in the back were in a knot. (Very cheap, thin plastic…)- Elizabeth Smith Miller, Director of Marketing and Events

My favorite was probably was when I was Dracula, my brother was the werewolf and my best friend was Frankenstein.  Together we were the Monster Squad – which was a Saturday morning children’s show in the mid 70’s where the monsters, wanting to make up for the misdeeds of their pasts, became superhero crime fighters who used their unique abilities to challenge and defeat various supervillains! – Eric Tadatada, Technical Assistance Specialist

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