Getting to Know Your NSPN Family: What Is the Best Thing That Happened to You During This Past Week

July is often a leisurely month with vacations to the beach, cookouts with the family, and more than enough sunshine. Unfortunately for us, work and stress don’t always take vacations. For businesses, any time of the year can mean deadlines, planning, and even more deadlines. For day to day life, it can seem like there’s always something new that needs to get done.

During times like this, it’s important to take a step back and appreciate the silver lining! Seeing the good in just one thing can lead to more positivity in your life, all around. That’s why this month, we asked your NSPN family: What is the best thing that happened to you during this past week? 

Laurie Jackson, President/Chief Executive Officer: I had a marvelous Saturday! I was able to babysit and care for my adorable granddaughter. I got to cuddle with her before she fell asleep. My “cuteboy” then brought me a wonderful Chinese dinner. We then took a wonderful motorcycle ride by the river on our way home. And it wasn’t raining! 

Tammy Hopper, Chief Strategic Initiatives Officer:  I bought a used car from a close friend. While I was most concerned that it would be reliable, I was pleasantly surprised to find there was a DVD player installed. On July 1st, Tennessee will begin enforcing a “no cell phone use” policy while driving. Thanks to my unexpected good fortune, I can no longer hold my cell phone while driving but I will be able to enjoy old episodes of “The West Wing” on my daily journey to work. Things have a way of working out.

 Elizabeth Smith Miller, Director of Marketing & Events: My plane didn’t crash, I’m still alive, and I woke up every morning to the most beautiful smile facing me and got to tell that tiny little human that I love her more than anything. 

Shauna Brooks, Performance and Evaluation Specialist: I’ve always been a political junkie, but I was generally on my own.  Last week my wife and I spent four hours together watching 20 candidates for the Democratic Primary debate for the first time in the 2020 presidential race! 

April Carthorn, Membership Manager & Training Technical Assistance Specialist: The best thing for me last week was re-connection with an old childhood friend.

Autumn Sandlin, Communications Manager: My boyfriend’s sister welcomed her fourth child, the first girl!, into the world on Friday via c-section. Vivica Mae and family are healthy and happy. I’m sure her big brothers are excited to meet her, as are the rest of us.

Eric Peterson, Communications Intern: This past week, I got the chance to connect with a group of friends and enjoy their company for a few hours without distraction. As it gets harder and harder to do because of conflicting schedules, it’s one of the things I look forward to most.

Eric Tadatada, Technical Assistance Specialist: We had an outside leak around our wood burning stove pipe that in between all the rain showers we had lately, I was able to get on the roof and attempt to fix it.  I’m no “Mr. Fix It”, but we are currently leak free as recently tested by the hard rain this past weekend!

Josie Elder, Operations Specialist: A few days ago I got to spend the day with my grandmother. She lives a few hours away and we don’t get to spend as much time as we would like together, so when the opportunity arises we enjoy every moment.

Kim Frierson, Training Specialist: My husband and I left the house at the same time and went to the same place and ate food together.

Mark Wolf, Director of Training and Technical Assistance: The best thing for me was hearing from our Son and family having a great time on their vacation adventure to Costa Rica and Panama. 

Michelle Hurley, Program Advocate: My favorite part of this week was bringing my dog, Stella, to our office. She just learned how to “roll over” and loves showing off her new tricks. I’m so thankful for how well behaved she is (most of the time!) and she always brings a little more excitement to the day.

Sherry Casey, Operations and Administration Manager: Anticipation and readiness of upcoming vacation J

Susan Harmon, Director of Safe Place National Operations: June 25 was my 36th wedding anniversary.

Sophia Mastropaolo, Marketing & Communications Intern: I got to take my younger sister to see Ariana Grande in Indianapolis. The concert was awesome and it was great to spend time with my sister, one on one!


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