Getting the Most out of the National RHY Grantees Training

Getting the Most out of the National RHY Grantees Training

Prior to Attending the Training

  • Check out and load the national training application (app).
  • Look through the training events and workshops and plan your schedule.
  • Ask your supervisor about the purpose of your participation and any priorities for your attention.
  • Look for and plan to attend events/sessions that will provide opportunities to see other programs (site visits), meet federal staff, and connect with other grantees.
  • Prepare a summary sheet to bring information back to your agency from the workshops you attend (this will help your supervisor see that it was a good investment to send you to the training). You may want to use the same points from above:
    • Workshop title: What were the main points?
    • What did you think of it?
    • How should the program utilize the information?

At the National Training

  • The evening before the training starts, visit session locations if possible. Meet RHYTTAC staff, let them know what program you are from, and get oriented to the space so you can easily find your workshops. (It can be a little overwhelming, especially if this is your first time attending the event and you are on your own!).
  • Connect with people from other programs, especially the ones that you would like to hear more about. Some of the most productive time is spent finding out what other programs are doing and how they are serving RHY.
  • Look for an appropriate opportunity to introduce yourself to federal staff and let them know what program you are from—they like to put faces with grantees!
  • Visit the booths and vendors—it is a good opportunity to discover resources and find out what others are doing.
  • Remember to answer the three questions for each workshop.

After the National Training

  • Have your information ready to share with your supervisor or during a staff meeting. This is a great way to integrate new information and to let your employer know that you were a good investment, as you were able to bring back ideas that helped develop programs!
If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the RHYTTAC team at [email protected].
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