Pay it Forward Prevention

What is the hardest decision you have ever had to make? Did it involve how to keep a roof over your head? Did it mean having to trade access to your body for something to eat? Did it involve keeping your sexuality a secret so you weren’t disowned or kicked out of your home? Did it involve wearing long sleeves in the middle of summer to hide bruises you would rather not explain? Did it involve doing whatever you can to survive?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or if you thought of other similar situations you, a friend, or family member has experienced - this message is especially for you.

Often, prevention is the difference between those who escape, survive, and go on to make a positive difference and the ones who disappear, disconnect, and are sometimes lost forever.

What does prevention sound like?

I care.  I’m listening. You can talk to me. I’m here for you. What do you need? How can I help?

What does prevention look like?

Sitting or standing side-by-side. Reaching out your hand. Showing someone another way. Being present when someone needs you most.

What does prevention feel like?

I am ok just as I am. You believe in me.  I can do this. I am loved.

Each day, thousands of youth don’t experience the sounds, sights, or feelings of life-saving prevention. They listen even when they don’t know what they need to hear. They look even when their eyes are clouded with distrust. They hope to feel something different than despair.

If someone prevented you from what could have been – you know what a difference it made.

NSPN is asking you to “Pay it Forward” and help prevent ongoing sadness, anger, fear, loneliness, and even death of youth in crisis.

NSPN will soon release the Pay it Forward Prevention Guide which provides tips on having caring conversations with youth and other ways to participate in the Pay it Forward Prevention campaign. Check back for details. Want to make a difference now? Click below to donate to help support youth in crisis.

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