NSPN Announces Launch of "Youth in Focus" Collaborative

The opioid epidemic, violence in schools, distrust between police and young people of color, the growing foster care population. It's a lot to take in, let alone respond to effectively.

NSPN is thrilled to announce the launch of Youth in Focus, a new collaborative aimed at changing the way adults fundamentally understand and relate to young people.

Our youth development experts provide powerful, practical, brain-based training to social workers, educators, law enforcement, child welfare workers, parents, and guardians all over the U.S. and Canada.

Why is Youth in Focus needed now? Because as trainers and coaches, we finally know enough to be truly transformative, and because society can’t wait. A growing wave of brain science tells us precisely how young people’s development is shaped by the behaviors of adults around them—and which behaviors directly help or hurt despite our best intentions. These kinds of breakthroughs can take years to get into the hands of on-the-ground practitioners, especially in times like these of great social change and political uncertainty. To speed things up, we're taking matters into our own hands.

What does Youth in Focus do? Youth in Focus trainings fall into two categories. First, we offer intensive trainings in Youth Thrive™ and Families Thrive™ programs. Based on research by the Center for the Study of Social Policy, these trainings weave together neuroscience, adolescent development, and trauma research to teach adults how to leverage every interaction with young people for the good. Second, the organization provides shorter trainings in five areas – resilience, social connection, child and adolescent development, cognitive and social-emotional competence, and concrete support in times of need – known to protect and promote healthy growth in adolescents.

What we're hoping you'll do right now:

  • If you’re one of the thousands of professionals who have already attended a Thrive training, join the Youth in Focus Community of Practice for coaching, refresher content and interactive chats.

Youth in Focus is a collaboration of the following organizations: National Safe Place Network; Academy for Competent Youth Work; Bolster Collaborative; Youth Catalytics; and Phillips Programs for Children and Families. Learn more here.